Why The Founders Of Weather Report NFT Are Having A Civil War


Trouble is brewing for the team behind the highly anticipated Weather Report NFT collection. Essentially, the original artist who created the much-admired art in the collection is claiming unfair treatment from the founders of the project. Of course, the dramatic story has traveled extensively on NFT Twitter today. Let’s unpack the events leading up to this.

Weather Report is one of the most anticipated NFT projects of 2022 so far. But she now faces an uncertain future. Credit: @Dentinmyhead via Twitter

Dentin, the artist behind the NFT Weather Report, speaks

The current drama around the Weather Report NFT project began earlier on February 16. Dentin, the founding artist of Weather Report, sent out a tweet saying “WEATHER REPORT EXPOSED” with a link to a nine-page document.

Dentin also tagged Weather Report’s three core team members: Founder and Creative Director Zach (@ZachGoesHard), Founder Will Nichols (@nevermindwill) and Co-Founder Toby Lasso (@tobylasso).

To summarize the document, Dentin himself sets out his position in the last section of the document. He says,

“I am the founding artist of Weather Report. The artistic vision is mine. I created all of the artwork that launched Weather Report into the brand it is today. My artistic vision and my creation are still used by the brand to this day.

Dentin provides screenshots of various emails and messages between him and the founders of Weather Report to help back up his claims. Namely, that he is the creator of Weather Report NFT’s base character, and that Weather Report is tearing up his work at this point after kicking him out of the team.

Weather Report NFT artist Dentin tweets
Dentin wants people to hear his side of the story of what happened with the NFT Weather Report. Credit: @Dentinmyhead via Twitter

The team’s relationship difficulties began with the distribution of income

Essentially, Dentin and Zach & Will’s relationship went sour, and Dentin asked the couple to negotiate their share of the business. Zach and Will initially offered Dentin a 5% share. Dentin felt the percentage was unfair, given the importance of his creation to the success of the Weather Report brand thus far.

However, according to Dentin, rather than negotiate, Zach and Will simply kicked him off the team. And to add insult to injury for Dentin, Zach and Will continued to use his stock character for the Weather Report NFTs. They simply hired other artists to copy the style created by Dentin.

Despite the potentially huge amount of money the NFT Weather Report was likely to bring in, Dentin maintains that this is not an attempt to get the money he feels he deserves. To this end he says,

“I’m not looking for any specific results from this. Just that people know my side of the story so they can make decisions for themselves.

Despite everything, Dentin then tweeted another document. This time it was the cease and desist letter his attorneys sent Zach and Will on Jan. 31. Obviously, Dentin doesn’t want to see the Weather Report founders continue to profit from his work with the current state of their relationship.

Weather Report NFT artist other project
Dentin hasn’t let setbacks stop his art, promoting his own NFT collection, Dented Feels, based on his character he first created for Weather Report. Credit: @Dentinmyhead via Twitter

Does the NFT space live up to its supposed pro-artist values?

The incident sparked an important conversation about the challenges faced by the artists behind major pfp NFT projects like Weather Report. In particular, when it comes to how NFT projects pay their artists.

Dentin joined a Twitter space specially created to broadcast his version of events. This came after the Weather Report team held their own space, seemingly downplaying Dentin’s contributions.

The space also allowed others to talk about their experiences with the founding team of Weather Report NFTs. One artist even took the stage and challenged an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). He did this to illustrate what he called Weather Report’s operating practices.

Overall, the Twitter space has highlighted some important questions for the NFT community to answer. Undoubtedly, the artists of major avatar projects too often see the value of their work downplayed. Indeed, apart from NFTs where the artist is also the founder of the project, artists can be prevented from sharing the success of a project.

And this despite the fact that they are ultimately the ones who create the images. Those around which NFT projects build entire brands. Dentin summarizes the contradiction of this situation well by saying:

“This proposition is akin to deals that have been given to musicians by predatory majors for years. If this is the standard set by the leaders of this industry, then we are a far cry from the Web3 artist-by-artist philosophy that we let’s preach.

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