William Tyrrell Research Continues, Victoria COVID Cases Rise, NSW COVID Cases Rise, Victoria’s Vaccination Rate Approaches 90%, Scott Morrison Rejects Senate Bid for Review of COVID-19 Decisions


The Coalition is preparing to continue spending rather than making unpopular cuts ahead of the impending federal election, despite its own fiscal rules demanding that debt and deficit repair begin now as the economy and the job market heal. are restored.

The Coalition has taken spending to record highs to deal with the pandemic, putting in place policies such as the $ 90 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy and the $ 35 billion corporate cash flow program. It has also suffered a huge impact on income with the closing of businesses and the fall in the number of people with jobs.

Josh Frydenberg selling the 2021-22 budget in May of this year. The promised plan to start budget repair will be postponed beyond the next election.Credit:Jessica Hromás

Yesterday Mr Frydenberg said money was pouring into retail and hospitality stores across the country.

“Over the weekend I was in Melbourne in the CBD on Saturday night, and the place was booming. The restaurants were full. People were moving from place to place, ”he said.

Last week, Mr Morrison likened the economic recovery to a plane, saying it was “taking off.”

Despite their optimistic assessments of the economy, the government does not plan to move on to its medium-term fiscal strategy – and the spending cuts that will go with it – neither in next month’s mid-year budget update nor in its pre-electoral budget expected at the beginning of April.

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