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France closes mosque because of Imam’s preaching

France has ordered the closure of a mosque in the north of the country because of the radical nature of its imam’s preaching, regional authorities told AFP.

The Beauvais mosque, a town of 50,000 inhabitants located about a hundred kilometers north of Paris, will remain closed for six months, according to the Oise prefecture where Beauvais is located.

He says the sermons there incite hatred, violence and “defend jihad.”

The move of the mosque, which has around 400 worshipers, comes two weeks after Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin said he initiated proceedings to close the site because the imam there “is targeting Christians , homosexuals and Jews “in his sermons. This, the minister said, was “unacceptable”.

Authorities claim that the imam, who according to the association had only preached occasionally and has now been suspended, was in fact a regular presence at the mosque, according to the official document citing the reasons for the closure seen by the AFP.

He said the Imam called jihad, a term for war against the enemies of Islam, a “duty,” and glorified its fighters as “heroes” who protected Islam from Western influence.

He also called non-Muslims “enemies,” he said.

“The terrorist threat remains at a very high level” and the closure was “aimed at preventing acts of terrorism from being committed,” the document said.



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