World news preview: Cyclone Dovi hits New Zealand and the body of computer antivirus expert John McAfee is still in a Spanish morgue

New Zealand Herald

The publication reports that Cyclone Dovi battered many parts of New Zealand yesterday (Saturday) with howling gales and heavy rain causing havoc – and forcing the closure of the Auckland Harbor Bridge.

Police urged people to avoid non-essential travel as strong winds hit, with gusts of between 130km per hour (81mph) and 150km per hour expected in some areas as the storm peaked around noon and in the early afternoon.

National Emergency Response Team leader Mark Owen said several highways had been closed due to slips and flooding, with major disruption inevitable given the scale of the inclement weather.

“Our crews are working hard to clear the slides and reopen the roads as soon as possible, but heavy rain and high winds are still affecting many areas, and we need floodwaters to recede in some areas before damage can occur. be assessed.

“Driving conditions are dangerous in many areas, with the risk of surface flooding, slips, falling tree branches or falling power lines, and people should avoid non-essential travel in these areas. .”

El País, Spain

The newspaper reports that the body of American computer antivirus developer John McAfee remains in a morgue at the City of Justice complex in Barcelona, ​​Spain’s northeastern region of Catalonia, seven months after his death. He is currently at the Institute of Forensic Medicine while a judge prepares a report on his death.

This report, published this week, determined that the software magnate committed suicide in his prison cell in the province of Barcelona on June 23, 2021 while awaiting extradition to the United States for failing to produce documents. U.S. tax returns from 2014 to 2018.

The publication says the 75-year-old’s family had raised questions about the circumstances of his death, although an autopsy found Mr McAfee hanged himself in his cell at Brians 2 Penitentiary in Sant Esteve Sesrovires. Prison workers reportedly found a suicide note.

The lengthy investigation is not yet over, as lawyers for Mr McAfee’s family have appealed the Spanish judge’s decision to dismiss the case.

San Francisco Chronicle

Hundreds marched and rolled in a ‘Save JFK’ rally on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park yesterday (Saturday). Members of Walk SF organized the rally to rally support in an effort to keep JFK Drive (which runs left-to-right northeast of the city) car-free.

On an unusually warm and sunny Saturday morning in Golden Gate Park, San Franciscans would have enjoyed the green urban oasis. Friends holding cafes walked and talked, dogs ran alongside their owners, and children on tricycles followed their cycling parents. The occasional thump of a tennis ball hitting the ground on nearby courts could just be heard over the chirping of birds and chatting friends.

It’s a far cry from Saturday mornings on JFK Drive before the pandemic, said Carol Brownson, 80, a longtime San Francisco resident.

“Can you hear that from a car?” she says, sitting on the scooter she uses to get around the middle of JFK. “The car is the most intrusive bubble of our lives.”

In April 2020, JFK Drive, along with Twin Peaks Boulevard and the Great Highway, among others, was closed to vehicular traffic to give residents more space to exercise outdoors while maintaining a social distancing during the pandemic. While the other two have since at least partially reopened to vehicles, JFK’s fate will be decided in March or April.

Moscow time

Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Saturday called Western claims of an imminent Moscow invasion of Ukraine a “provocation” as he began fresh crisis talks with U.S. President Joe Biden.

Weeks of tension that saw Russia encircle its western neighbor with more than 100,000 troops escalated after Washington warned an all-out invasion could begin ‘any day’ and Russia launched its biggest naval exercises for years across the Black Sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry apparently added to the feverish atmosphere by announcing that it had hunted down a US submarine which it said had entered its territorial waters near the Kuril Islands in the Pacific. The ministry said it had summoned the US defense attaché in Moscow over the incident.

The military maneuvers gave added urgency to a hastily organized call yesterday between Mr Biden and Mr Putin aimed at defusing one of the “most serious crises” in East-West relations since the Cold War.

Mr Putin is said to have started his afternoon by talking to Frenchman Emmanuel Macron. Mr Macron’s office said “both expressed a desire to continue the dialogue”, but reported no clear progress. The Kremlin said Mr Putin told Mr Macron that Western claims of a planned Russian invasion were “provocative speculation” and could spark conflict in Ukraine.

The Tribune, India

Seven workers have been rescued while two others remain trapped after a tunnel under construction collapsed in Sleemanabad, Katni district, Madhya Pradesh, officials said today (Sunday).

The tunnel at the Bargi Canal project had collapsed late on Saturday evening, trapping nine workers.

So far, seven of them have been pulled from the rubble, Madhya Pradesh (Interior) Additional Chief Secretary Rajesh Rajora told PTI (the Press Trust of India).

The state Disaster Emergency Response Force team and other personnel made every effort to rescue the other two trapped workers, said Mr. Rajora, who was monitoring the rescue operation from Bhopal.

The trapped workers were responding to calls from rescue personnel, said Sleemanabad Subdivision Magistrate Sangh Mitra Gautam.

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