Your opinion: Anger and false accusations


Wanda roam

Jefferson city

The outright cover-ups and hypocrisy of the MSMs and liberals are astounding. The biased / twisted reporting going on in our country prompts most to turn off the television and seek some form of journalistic honesty from sources like OAN or even Sky News.

CNN and MSNBC even declined to report on Jussie Smollett’s trial because what was going on was a discovery of the truth he staged his so-called “MAGA hate crime”. Smollett knew that if he did invoke President Donald Trump it would get immediate and frenzied coverage from all liberals and their PR media and that is exactly what he did. Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris made their usual instinctive charges of racial hate crimes, as they did during the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, trying to relate everything to Donald Trump and his politics. Apologies from these entities? Of course not!

It is really laughable but as sad as all the Liberals have on their side is anger and false accusations. They pretend to worry about minorities and injustices when they are the ones who perpetuate these things with their failed socialist policies and divide us into victims or perpetrators. They continually want to pick up the crust of wrongs from our past history and relive it today as if a civil war had not been fought to try to right the wrongs.

While things are not perfect, we have made progress in many ways since the Civil War. All of this progress is being destroyed by liberal politics and the likes of Al Sharpton and other racial bastards who make money out of the misery of others.

Justice was served when three white men were convicted of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. It was heartbreaking to hear her father speak after the verdict. The guilty verdict would not bring his son back, but he called on everyone to say that all lives matter and we all need to get along and live together in peace. You could see the disapproval in Sharpton’s behavior after the father spoke up because he knew it meant his racial bait activism was stopped.

Our only hope is that God will step in and open the eyes of the blind. Some readers don’t like invocation of God or prayer, however, that is the problem. Pray!


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